Icerik Education Research and Consultancy Co. provides services primarily for enterprises, vocational institutions, NGO’s, local administrations and also for the other similar organizations and institutions, by means of researches, trainings, consultancy and of projects in order to provide help in reaching endogenous and exogenous funds.

As Turkey has been changing and developing, companies face many liabilities. While they have been trying to increase their competitive power, they also have to follow public acts and obey legal issues and principles. Meanwhile, national and international foundations support and provide incentives for the companies to increase their competitive power and to get developed and improved.

In our country around 98% of the enterprises are being defined as SMEs and around 97% of them are micro-sized enterprises having 9 or less number of employees. As most of these enterprises have inadequate levels of financial, human resources, technical and institutional capacities, they have difficulties in fulfilling legal obligations, and in reaching supports and incentives.

Icerik Education Research and Consultancy Co.’s professional team served for ‘craftsmen and artisans’ and they focused on SME’s for many years. They support both directly companies and the foundations which are representing for companies such as Union of Chambers, federations, confederations and NGO’s like trade unions, fellowship and charitable foundations. By preparing research, training, consultancy and project services she also serves for the development of the country, as well.

Even if the firm is young, the staff is very experienced and has a considerable quality of know-how. They had worked for many years on these issues. Confidence is one of the main criteria among the Clients and the Company. Her aim is to achieve national and international funds and forward them to correct projects efficiently, fastly and correctly.


Internal and External Sources Programs and Projects

A- Internal Sources Projects


B- External Sources Projects


- IPA/ Support for Transition and Institution-Building (Ministry of European Union)

- IPA/ Cross-Border Cooperation (Ministry of European Union)

- IPA/ Human Resources Development (Ministry of Labor and Social Security)

- IPA/ Regional Development,

- Regional Competitiveness Operational Program (Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology)

- Environment Operational Program - Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

- Transport Operational Program - Ministry of Transport;

- IPA/Rural Development -IPARD (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock)


- Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) (2007-2013)

- Europe Union Education and Youth Programme – Turkish National Agency (2007-2013)

- European Union 7. Framework Programme TÜBİTAK (2007-2013)

- European Culture Programme – Cultural Contact Point (2007-2013)

- Other EU Program and Projects

Provided Services:

- Project design: We design projects in line with criteria that donors determine, taking into account the needs of the organization. During Project design, based on the circumstances of our client, we offer needs analysis, fund raising, project based cooperation, finding partners, and access to communication networks.

- Project management and implementation: We offer technical advisory services in the areas of project management and implementation within the projects that we design or projects that are designed by others.

- Monitoring and evaluation: We conduct monitoring and evaluation activities for ongoing projects

- Impact assessment: We also design impact assessment tools and implement them for the completed projects.

- Follow-tender Announcements

- Creating a Project Idea

- Preparation of Project Application Documents

- Management of Project

- Process of Tender

- Procurement

- Addendum to the Budget Changes

- Fulfillment of Project Financial Procedures

- Project Midterm and Final Evaluation

- Writing of Project Midterm and Final Evaluation Report

- Training on Project Design and Management and Technical Support Delivery

İŞKUR Training Services Tenders

- Follow-tender announcements

- Preparation of Tender Files

- Follow-up and Concluding Contracts Files

Field Studies

- Training Need Analysis

- Labour Market Needs Analysis

- Education and Training

- Employment

- Occupational Health and Safety

- Food Cotex

- Hygiene-Food Companies

- Financing

- State Grants and Incentives

- Reflections on the EU legislation to Businesses

- Current Situation, Problems, Solutions in SME’s and Artisans and Tradesmen Etc.

Entrepreneurial Training and Counseling

- Monitoring and Design of Government Incentives and Supports for-entrepreneurs given.


- Regional Development Agency

- Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade


- Undersecretariat of Treasury

- Ministry of Food, Agriculture and

- Start your own Business (JCC)-Entrepreneurship Training

Preparation of Occupational Standards

- Application Process Tracking

- Preparation of Occupational Standards with DACUM Metod

- Effective Process Monitoring

Preparation of Occupational Qualifications

- Application Process Tracking

- Preparation of Occupational Qualifications

- Effective Process Monitoring

Installation Testing and Certification Center

- Following of TS EN ISO / IEC 17024 Personnel Certification Delivery Standards

- Follow up Accreditation Process from TÜRKAK

- Follow-up Authorization Process from Vocational Qualification Authority

Personal and Institutional Capacity Development

Effective Communication and Body Language

- The Art of Persuasion and positive impression on others Making (Effective Day Speeches)

- Effective Presentation Skills - Community Against Spoken Word, Conversation, Action to the masses

- Effective Techniques of Propaganda

- Emotional Availability, Management and Positive Life Skills

- Conflict Management and Conflict (with Difficult People) Ways of Coping - Complaint Management

- Anger Control and Stress Management

- Leadership Skills

- Image Development

- Protocol and Politeness Rules-institutions Golden Rules

- Institution Culture and Learning Institutions

- Being Team star of-Motivation and High Performance

- Time and Stress Management

- Project Management-Project-Based Management

- Change Management, Change Management Project Preparation and Execution

- Stakeholder Relations

- SWOT Analysis

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